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PostHeaderIcon From the Same Mould

Many (actually, most) people commented that Bryan, Brandon & Bradley look a-like. They don’t to me, because I’m the mother. Just like how only mothers can tell identical twins apart. However, I do see similarity in behaviour between Brandon and Bradley. They are both FEISTY whereas Bryan is the calm and composed (ok, when he’s not in one of his manja moods) eldest brother. But still, I guess they will all share some similarities given that they came from the same mould, right?




PostHeaderIcon I Love You, Di Di!

Bryan absolutely adores and loves his di dis, and he constantly displays his affection to both Brandon and Bradley. From the moment he wakes up till the time he goes to sleep, Bryan is on a constant look-out for his brothers. He declares his love publicy by saying, “I Love You, Di Di!” and by hugging them. Sometimes, when I need to go to the toilet, I’ll ask him to keep an eye on Bradley. And he does! He actually stops whatever he was doing and sits next to Brad. Sometimes I peep at him from the kitchen and see Bryan talking to Bradley and giving Brad the toys that he has dropped, and at the same time reminding Bradley “to hold on tightly to your toys ok!”. My heart almost burst with pride and joy at that moment. Bryan, I must say, is an endearing big kor kor.


As for Brandon, Bryan do loves him just that Brandon tries very hard to copy everything Bryan is doing, and ends up destroying something in the process. Hence Bryan gets very frustrated especially when his precious Lego build-up is smashed to the ground. On better days, the both of them are able to sit down and play a puzzle together, or dance & sing & act silly together. I have no doubt that they both adore each other because the moment one is out of sight, the other will be asking for him. I’ll give them both time and according to this parenting book I was reading, I should give them space and opportunity for siblings to work things out themselves, instead of me intervening all the time.

Brandon is generally more tolerant of Bradley than of Bryan – perhaps sensing less threat! I feel that he is still too young to understand all that is happening around him. He is still driven by his instint for “survival”. Brandon does have his soft side. For instance, I will never be allowed to leave his side while he is playing unless I tell him that I have to feed/bathe Bradley. Then he will allow me to go.

I do feel blessed with these three sons of mine and I give thanks for that every single night. Have I ever wished for a girl? Of course I have! But it doesn’t mean I love the 3Bs any less. It’s just nice to see them watching over each other and I can only imagine how much ruckus they will be making when they are a little bigger!!

PostHeaderIcon Girls’ Nite Out: the SEQUEL

And what do ya know – we had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (not exaggerating – read about our outing here and here!) much fun the last time, we’re doing another one on 3 July 2010. Yup,  that is next Saturday. Mamapumpkin volunteered to organise thankfully because I’ve been so busy at work that I have to apply for annual leave to “pang sai”!


Anyway, we’re going for dinner and then watching the girly movie of the year, “Sex And The City 2″! If you are a fan of the series like I am (I have watched all seasons TWICE!), you know you can’t miss this.  Even if you’re not a fan, just come for the great company :)


Drop a comment here or at Mamapumpkin if you’re interested. The super-funny mum will get in touch with you with the details.


Be there, or Be SQUARE! LATER!!

P/S: By the way, I’ll be running, or rather attempting to run 10km in this sunday’s Stanchart KL Marathon. If you don’t see me at the movies on 3rd, it means I died from the run. Wish me luck!

PostHeaderIcon Port Dickson: 19-20 June 2010

It was just an overnight trip. I had wanted to make this trip no matter how busy I was or how exorbitant the hotel room costs because it was during the school holidays. Afterall, it is THE school holidays. We took Bryan and Brandon and left Bradley with my PILs since he probably doesn’t know what is going on plus we were going to be out in the sun most of the time.

We left PJ after having a quick breakfast at Pappa Rich @ Uptown Damansara. Food was yucks. If not for the boys, I would had happily had the wan tan mee at Koon Kee nearby. Cheaper and nicer. The boys promptly fell asleep as soon as we hit the highway. Took us about 75mins to get to Lukut town. We go to PD at least once a year somehow and always stayed at the Avillion. This time, we ended up at the Legends Water Chalet because I’d booked too late and Avillion was fully-booked. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the premium water chalet has one king size bed AND one queen size bed!! Anyway, more about the room later. We arrived at 1230pm and Bryan insisted that we built sandcastles NOW NOW NOW! As we couldn’t check in yet, we just took his beach toys and marched to the beach next to the hotel. Thankfully, the sun was quite mild that day but never theless, I slobbered sunsreen on the boys until their faces were all white.

Applying sunscreen on Brandon

Bryan’s turn

My boys hard at work

After playing in the sand and water for more than an hour and a half, we drove to PD town to have Pizza Hut. The boys were ravenous by then and Pizza Hut was the only place I remembered. After lunch, it was just nice for us to check in. The surrounding of the resort is not as rustic or green as the Avillion. However the rooms are newer (the resort opened in 2007) and the cute thing is that the moment you open the door, it takes you straight into the large toilet – what a brilliant idea to avoid you bringing sand into the bedroom!

We rested a bit and then it was time for the swimming pool. More splashing fun there in both the kids and adult pool (max depth only 4ft), and also their jacuzzi. NICE! Immediately after the pool, we didn’t even bathe the boys but went to the coffee house for our dinner, which was included into the room cost. We wanted to eat early to avoid the crowd and to allow the kids to turn down earlier considering they didn’t nap. Dinner was nothing fancy but there was enough ice-cream to keeps my 3 boys happy! Warm bath and milk after that, followed by zzzzzzzzzz. Somehow, both the kids ended up with me on the king bed while lucky VT had the queen all to himself. I didn’t sleep well as I was worried the kids will fall off the bed. True enough, Bryan fell down twice – but on his feet! Brandon almost did but I had held on to his leg so that was a close call.

The next morning, we went for another round of pool play right after breakfast. We left PD just before noon and the boys again, slept all the way home.

This marks the first trip we took with Bryan and Brandon. It was so much fun for us, just looking at how much fun Bryan and Brandon was having. Bryan even declared that he wanted to stay in Port Dickson forever and ever! I’m now eager to plan for another trip the next holidays considering it is now relatively easy to travel with them. It’s amazing how well-behaved they both were for the entire duration of the trip but started fighting the moment we got home *slap forehead*.

Bryan & Brandon doing kung fu moves – oh, and can you see the little peek-a-boo windown on the floor and the sea water below?

PostHeaderIcon BrB!

Past 2 weeks have been close to hell-ish at work. Analysis after analysis after analysis – nothing seemed to please the person across the globe.


Get home, play a bit with the kids, put them to sleep, then dial in to work somemore.


Wake up early on some days to jog, then shower and go to work. And the weekday cycle starts again.


Weekends are no different. I give my kids 300% of my attention – 100% to Bryan, 100% to Brandon, 100% to Bradley. If I can muster up the energy, at least 90% to VT. No surfing the net, no FB-ing, no blogging.


Hopefully things will ease a bit soon. In the meantime, enjoy eating your rice dumplings tonight and I’ll “Be right Back”!

PostHeaderIcon Parent-Teacher Meeting

Well, it isn’t REALLY a meeting per se. Per parent slot was only 10 minutes so I would barely call it a meeting. Never theless, I was terribly excited as it was, afterall my first parent-teacher meet. I was also excited to find out how Bryan was coping in school, having cried bucketsful in the first 6 weeks.


As advised by the teacher, I didn’t bring Bryan along so that we won’t be distracted. Generally, I was very happy to hear that Bryan is enjoying himself at school. That is of utmost importance to me.  The teacher also commented that Bryan is the most cheerful boy in class and is very sociable. Takes after his mum, you think? *wink*


She gave me his workbooks to take home to peruse & sign. It was almost surreal to see all the work that he has done – it didn’t matter whether the colouring was within the lines or not (but for the record, it was) or whether his lettering was good; more importantly, Bryan was very proud of his school work and wanted to explain to me every page – what he did, what he learned – to see him so proud and happy, that is all I wanted. I did comment to VT that he scored a “1″ (being the lowest) in hopping – we had a very good laugh at that, not in front of Bryan of course. We could only imagine him trying to balance his full 23kg body weight on one leg – of course difficult to hop lah!! LOL 


Overall, this was his teacher’s comment in the assessment report:

“Bryan seems more confident now compared to the beginning of the year. He has taken a great leap for now he participates in all activities happily. It is great to see him enjoying himself! By the way, Bryan can remember all the songs taught in school very well. Well done!”


And I will say it myself, “Well Done, Bryan!!”. Keep enjoying school!

PostHeaderIcon Photo of Brandon

I find that I never post enough photos of Brandon. I don’t know why. Maybe he is at this age where he is constantly moving around hence it is difficult to catch him standing/sitting still. But here is one that I took last weekend.


Brandon, smelling the biscuit (which was actually meant for Bradley) that he hijacked from his brother. Something that doesn’t belong to you always taste (in this case, smell) better!!



PostHeaderIcon Bradley @ 9 Months

The baby of our family turns 9 months old today. Quite a number of milestones were achieved over the past month.


- Bradley LOVES solids now. If you recall, up to a month ago, he approached solids gingerly and didn’t show much interest. Now, he yells if we are not quick enough to spoon food into his mouth. I can also see him moving his jaw and gumming the food. I’m tempted to increase the chunkiness of the solids. This morning, he was whining so naughty mummy gave me a small piece of bread to chew on. Conclusion: “More, mummy!!”.


- Both the bottom tooth popped out about 2 weeks ago, which explained a fever he had which lasted only for a couple of hours. Soon after the fever subsided, we felt not one, but TWO teeth cutting. Poor fella, no wonder he was so irritable then.


- Able to move around by doing the commando crawl on his tummy. And Brad does it rather quickly too!


- Just a couple of days ago, he is able to sit on the floor unassisted. We can finally return the well-used Bumbo seat to aunty Bridget after hogging it for the past 2 years.


- Bradley extends his arms when I call his name and clap my hands. Even when he is playing on the floor, he will crawl towards me and gestures to be carried.


As mentioned, 2 weeks ago Bradley was completely cranky and refused his milk. He would cry and whine whole day long. Plus even after he is carried to sleep, he will cry and wake up the moment he was put down. So this mummy decided that enough was enough!


On the first night, Bradley cried and whined to sleep – that took 40mins of “Pick up, put down”, a technique for sleep-training that didn’t involve too much of crying (but it doesn involve “some” crying – that is inevitable). Subsequent nights were far better; I only needed to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Star” 3-4 times while he comforted himself to sleep with the cloth nappy. One week on, we are back into our usual bedtime routine of milk, burping and laying down with eyes opened and Mummy switching off the lights and leaving the room. I am glad that I made the conscious decision to allow (teach) Bradley to fall asleep on his own. Those who has been following my blog since Bryan’s birth would understand what I went through.



As you can from the photo above, I finally dug into my piggy bank to fork out RM350 (blimey!) for the Fischer-Price rocker after falling to secure a second-hand piece. I found out that Bradley was getting reliant on the maid carrying him to sleep at my MIL’s instructions so I thought he would be better off sleeping in the rocker than smelling the maid’s armpit – eeyyyeeewwwwwww!


Bradley is such a joy to be around as he is quick to smile and is extremely vocal – much more than his kor kors at this age. The chatterbox gene is definitely from me! Just over last weekend, I swore he said, “Mama” three consecutive times! Even VT heard it. I was over the moon!!!!


Happy 9 months old, little Bradley!!!