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How time flies – Kayley is already one month old. She put on a good 1.1kg since birth and is in good health. She has prolonged jaundice at the moment but paed suspects it’s due to breastmilk as she is thriving otherwise. Other (more serious) reasons for prolonged jaundice are liver failure (Hep B infection), urinary tract infection, thyroid disorder and G6PD deficiency. We sent her urine once last week for testing and results were inconclusive due to contamination (urine should be collected directly from the uretha to prevent contamination). The paed asked us to return for another test but I am not keen as I didn’t want to bring Kayley to the clinic for her to catch other germs. Let’s see as I’ve got a colleague whose baby’s jaundice only completely disappeared at 3months plus.

To celebrate her fullmoon, we had a small gathering with family and our dearest friends at my inlaws house. These were the┬ápeople who made a difference by constantly being present in our lives and for giving me the support during my pregnancy with Kayley. Both Joanna and Tomoko baked us cupcakes, which I didn’t even get to try as they disappeared as soon as the cakes made their appearance on the table. Thank you so much, dearies!

Kayley @ 1 month. I love wearing dresses on her!


Finally, a shot of her smiling. She is quite a grumpy baby!


The proud father and maternal grandmother

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