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I am selling my trusted and reliable Spectra 2 Breast Pump, which I’ve had with me since Brandon’s birth. This means the pump is 4 years old. It’s a hospital-grade pump, can be used for single or dual pump, and most importantly, it is QUIET. Sorry I don’t have a photo of it because I’m too busy to take one. If you google it, perhaps you can have a look. It isn’t particularly attractive nor handy to bring around due to its size, but it is the most effective pump I’ve ever used (I’ve owned both Avents and Madela previously). In addition, it is easy to assemble and also to wash – very few parts involved.

Recently, I’d even changed the tubing (worth RM15) and both the membranes (worth RM18). The pump was retailing for RM399. I’m going to let it go for RM200 and will also throw in these freebies:

- 6 Spectra breastmilk storage bottles (worth about RM60)

- at least 4 Avent breastmilk storage bottles (worth about RM120)

- a pair of adaptors (Avent brand) so that the pump fits both narrow and wide neck bottles (worth about RM80) 

- a cool insulated bag which can be used to transport the pump and breast milk (worth about RM60)

That’s RM320 worth of freebies!!

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