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I totally believe in having consistent bedtime rituals. This is probably one of the few straight-out-of-textbook parenting techniques that I am convinced on. The rituals not only calms the children down prior to nitey-night, but also allows me to lie down first while they go about preparing themselves (yay to independence!).

For the boys, this is the ritual:

(1) Pees

(2) Brushes teeth

(3) Washes hands

(4) Wears own diaper (for Brandon & Bradley)

(5) Once everyone is in bed, I will countdown from five to one, followed by “Lights off!”

(6) Short story-telling by me. The topic will be decided by one of the boys and they take turns to decide.

(7) I will say, “Good night Bryan, Good night Brandon, Good night Bradley; Sweet dreams; Mummy loves you”. They will respond with the same.

And we are all off to dreamland….usually me first!

As for Kayley, it is still really easy for now and it’s done by VT while I put the boys to bed. Kayley is fed a full bottle of milk (4ozs), burped and tucked into covers. Lights are switched off and VT goes downstairs to watch soccer! She will then fall asleep on her own in the next 10-15 minutes.

My next step is to actually get the kids to sleep on their own without me, which means that I can leave the room after Step 7.

Do you have a bedtime ritual with your kids?

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