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Where do I even start?

Now I understand why other mums of 4 do not update their blogs, simply because there is NO TIME! Activities that occupy my time and are of priority to updating this blog:

(1) Work – duh!

(2) Sleep – much as I like to cut back on the number of hours, I become a really grumpy mum if I do so.

(3) Cooking on weekends

(4) Playing and bonding with kids

(5) Exercise

And of course, I spend at least 2-3 hours on the road daily on weekdays, battling peak hour traffic. Cest le vie.

Between my last update and this, so much has happened. Of course there was a 3-day girly break to the land of “Tiger Shows” (actually, I’ve been told it is actually “Thai girls shows” but often mentioned otherwise if you said it quick enough), which was really a blast. And true to my style, I had managed to drag the girls to yet another hidden gem for the celebratory birthday dinner.

There are more challenges ahead┬ánext year, but as a friend often says – Baby Steps.

Anyway, I will try my utter best to update the recent milestones this weekend, complete with photos – woo hoo! Watch out for them.

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