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Ok, so I’m really bad at updating this blog. I’m up to my neck over here – I’d moved home and moved office, and moved role over the past 1.5 months. No time to think, just do and do and do. Getting so disorganised, hence new year resolution would be to sleep less and organise more!

Bryan’s bottom 2 tooth dropped off and revealed 2 adult teeth in their places, and I didn’t even realise! We didn’t go through the whole fairy tooth thingy – why? No time! It happened when we were smack in the middle of house-moving. Then there was his Standard 1 orientation day on 28th Dec. I’m happy I made a couple of new friends, who are mummies with kids in Bryan’s class.

Brandon is on an ice-cream binge, no thanks to FIL who has been stocking their fridge with Cornettos. Got to control this boy as he already weights 29kg when he’s only 4.5 years old. Luckily he has his father’s height.

Bradley is still the baby of the family, refusing to walk at times and still cries and whines a lot. Did I say a lot? I will say it again – A LOT! But he has the most innocent and angelic face so cannot stay angry at him for long. He is more independent now so thumbs up, Bradley.

Kayley is the diva of the family. Very stingy with her smiles and totally despises new faces. Don’t feel offended when she sees you and cries LOUDLY. She does this to anyone who doesn’t live in my house or my inlaws, where she goes to every weekday, including my poor parents who are dying to carry her. She would have none of that. Kayley has started eating rice cereal and is quite lukewarm about solid-eating.

This school holidays have been uneventful for the kids as we did not go on any holidays. As mentioned, we’d just moved home and I’ve got a new role at work so it has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for all of us, physically and emotionally. VT has also been so tied up with work with some major changes coming on as well.

HOWEVER, I am confident that things will settle down and we will get back into our routines quickly enough. And more importantly, we are sitting in this rollercoaster ride together, AS A FAMILY. Nothing is more important, wouldn’t you agree?

So with this quick post/update, I am signing out for the year with only the happiest wishes for you and your family in the coming new year!!!

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  • jessie says:

    Wow, you’ve certainly been super busy, huh. No wonder no updates for some time. Hope you’ll get back to your routines soon and Happy New Year to you and your family :)

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