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I need to jot these down less I forget. Memory is going to shreds….blame it on aging in addition to the need to think of/remember 20 million other things.

  • The 3 boys have started sleeping on their own in our new abode. Finally, I can tell a story, turn off the lights and retreat to my own bed to do some work or light reading before retiring. And also no more kung-fu kicks in the head/face/stomach/back in the middle of the night from a “helicopter-ing” toddler.
  • Kayley is now in her own room and still happy in the cot the whole night. Let’s see how long that lasts……..
  • Before I leave the boys’ room, I always have this conversation with Brandon. Only him. Don’t know how it started. He will say exactly the same thing in the same sequence every night, and I have to give the exact responses.

Brandon: Good night, mummy

Me: Good night, Brandon

Brandon: Sweet dreams

Me: Sweet dreams

Brandon: I love you

Mummy: I love you too

  • Bryan has found a new sense of independence and freedom from having money to buy food from the school canteen. It seems like his highlight of going to school. RM1 seemed like a small price to pay to get him to enjoy school.
  • Bryan requested to go for extra-curricular activities offered by his school – Robotics and basketball. Of course we obliged even though it meant a lot of ferrying around on Saturdays. As it is, he already has swimming at 8-in-the-freaking-morning on a Sunday!
  • Kayley loves my accessories – she can fiddle with them for half a day, under my watchful eye obviously. What can I say? She’s a girl!
  • Bradley is loving nursery. But each time I ask him what he did in school, it would be “nothing!”. That’s a heck a lot of money I’m paying to do “nothing”!
  • Brandon remains an angel in school and gets many positive comments from teachers and other parents alike. Typical Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyl, this boy of mine.

These little things keep me going every day. Ain’t being a parent great?



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