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Where do I even start? If you’re wondering if I have abandoned my blog, the answer is NO. If you’re wondering if I’m busy, then the answer is a definite YES YES YES.

Just wanted to jot down a couple of milestones here.

Kayley started solids at 6 months to the dot. Started with baby rice cereal and now on pork, chicken and beef with a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. Still intolerant to fish (loose stools) so shall wait another month or two before trying again. She loves Cherios and makes helluva noise when she sees something eating. She sits un-supported from 7 months and started crawling and pulling herself up to a standing position (supported by holding on to a piece of furniture) at 8+months. Still no tooth in sight, which is not surprising because none of her siblings had any tooth before 1 year old.

Bradley has developed the need to speak VERY LOUDLY in his super high-pitched voice. I suppose he is trying to get as much attention as he possibly can. Of late, he is quite a carnivour. Eats any cooked meat in sight. Yet he remains the smallest of the lot.

Brandon remains the life of the party. He is picking up Mandarin in kindy so it’s really cute to hear him try to speak Mandarin with Bryan.

Bryan is putting on a lot of weight from eating 5 meals a day, mainly from buying stuff from teh school canteen before, during and after school. But he is enjoying school so that is important. Trying to make him more physically active during the weekends.

All 3 kor kors still adore their little sister to bits. I will say it again – TO BITS! They can be fighting each other violently but the moment they see Kayley, all 3 will turn very soft and gentle.Very very sweet.

Sorry, still no photos. No time to download and sort them out. Sorting out photos is currently at priority #173.

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