PostHeaderIcon Kayley @ 11mos

Ok, here she is:

What is she up to now?

  • Crawling lots, cruising lots, able to stand up on her own for a couple of seconds
  • Clinging on to Mama every opportunity she gets
  • Screaming when someone takes anything away from her
  • Loves playing with her kor kors’ toys
  • Saying “nen nen”, “Mama” and “mum-mum”, and other incomprehensible words. Chatty girl, she is.
  • Pointing at things with her forefinger
  • Self-feeding snacks
  • Co-sleeping with me (yikes!)

I’m looking forward to her reaching the 1yr mark next month!

2 Responses to “Kayley @ 11mos”

  • racheltoh says:

    already 11 months old??? we have lots of catching up to do. so fast. Wishing her early birthday greetings :) *hug hug to Kayley*

  • Kit says:

    Thank you for posting a cute baby photo! And I love the stage when they still play with their toes. Aww…

    Has anyone mentioned that she looks very much like your no. 2 Brandon?

    I am up to my armpits with KIDS now – baby Kayley’s cute face put a big smile on my face :D

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