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I am a lazy bum. Confirmed by the lenght of time by which I have neglected this blog.

Bryan turned 7 about a week ago. He is generally quite serious and quiet at school but turns into this gregarious and outspoken kid at home. Blame it on going to a chinese school. Bryan has a missing single front tooth as a result of his milk tooth falling off (his 6th one so far, I think) but the permanent tooth has yet to erupt. So he has this really whimsical smile now. He’s such a great kor kor to Kayley. During Raya, when our maids were out for the whole day, he was the one who patiently took care of Kayley and held her hand and walked her round our house. No complains from him! Oh, he swims quite well on his own now after we dished out a couple of k’s on his lessons. Finally! He wants to learn chess next and VT is pretty pleased – geeks of a feather flock together :)

Brandon turned 5 in July. He weighs 32kg, no thanks to his terrible eating habits which we are now slowly changing. We are also trying to wean him off his milk bottle, else he drinks up to 12 bottles of milk a day. Brandon continues to have his moments – he can be so sweet, charming and obedient but suddenly, he can be totally defiant. Funnily enough, he is the most sentimental of the whole lot. When I was down with a really bad tummy flu a couple of weeks ago, and had to stay in bed for 2 days, he was the one who brought me 100+ and tearfully asked if I was going to die! Brandon, oh Brandon. Mummy will always be here for you all!

Bradley is turning 4 in three days time, although he thinks he is 4 already as we celebrated his birthday together with Bryan’s due to the proximity in timing. As he is now a “big boy”, he has stopped asking to be carried (phew! Not light-weight, this boy). VT says that his personality is most like me – wakes up smiling and is always quite lively until he gets bullied by one of his brothers. Plus he loves his chicken!

Kayley of course turned 1 in June. We had a huge bash with the family at KL Hilton and I lovingly hand made her birthday cake, which of course, had to be a princess doll cake. She is the apple of everyone’s eye, including her doting kor kors. They will do anything for her although they get a bit pissed off when she makes a grab for the iPad. Kayley is no pushover as well so I’m faily sure she will stand up for her own rights in the future, if not now. She continues to be wary of strangers and crowds but is extremely chatty at home. Favourite words are “uh oh” and “ball”. Officially started walking unaided at around 13 months, giving my poor back a rest finally.

Kids, when you read this in the future, I want you to know that everyone of you is such a joy to Papa and I. Secretly in my heart, I hope that you remained this age and Papa says that I will cry bucketsful when you grow up and finally leave the house. I know for sure, that will surely happen. Meanwhile, I want you all to enjoy your childhood, just as I did mine.

I love you all loads!

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